Simple Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitation
A friend of a friend approached me late one dark autumn evening asking for help. They had ordered their Wedding Invitations but they still hadn't arrived in time for when they should have been sending them out to guests. After a frustrating month, the anxious Bride-to-Be asked me, begged me, to create 150 simple but elegant, quick to make invitations to get out to people ASAP. So this is what I came up with. Their theme was cream & gold, so this complimented the rest of the stationery (which did arrive on time!) really well. The inserts were a textured linen paper, with a gold border. I think I had 4 days to make them all, it was a bit of a rush but we got there just in time!

More Swirls...

Black & Pink card created again from leftovers. These are trial cards, so they're not up to the usual standard I aim for, I was just experimenting with different ideas. I think from this idea my friend actually used something similar for her 'Save The Date' cards for her Wedding. They turned out really well considering she hasn't been making cards for long. 

Summer Butterflies

Summer Butterflies.
I was bored so this is what I came up with using some left over papers, a butterfly punch and a silver pen.
Although today I'm working on my parents Anniversary card. I want something unique and I have 3 days to have it done by. I had an idea while I was sat watching TV last night, I thought of doing a copy of their original wedding photos and making them into a collage with some nice detail including the date of their Wedding and a few comments & well wishes from their guestbook from friends and family, faded in the background. I just have to somehow sneak their wedding album out of their house without any of them noticing. It's going to be tricky but I think it'll definitely be worth it. 
Wish me luck!


Welcome to my new blog. I hope to share some of my creative moments with you, including handmade cards, gifts, art and photography. After setting up my @licklebee Twitter account, I thought I'd compliment it with my own little space on the web which allows a few more than 140 characters!  I've been mesmerised by some of the really pretty blogs other users have, there are some really talented people out there and I look forward to reading more. 

Please note that all of the content I'll be using on this site will be my own, unless otherwise stated. I'll be posting some new images soon so come back and check it out in the next few days!

Lickle Bee x